Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Car Parking

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE)

Dubai International Airport has two parking lots, Car Park A and Car Park B. Car Park A provides ample short-term parking and Car Park B has plenty of spaces for long-term parking.

Each parking area has spaces for disabled passengers.

You can pay your parking fee upon exiting the parking lot by either cash or credit card. Season car park passes are also available. The following list details further information on parking options.

Car Park A

Car Park A is dedicated to short-term car parking. The rates are more expensive than at the long-term facility, so travellers are advised to park in Park B if they intend to leave their vehicle for more than one day.

Car Park B

Car Park B is situated farther from the terminals and is less expensive than Car Park A. If you plan to leave your vehicle at the airport for a long period, then it's recommended that you park in Car Park B.


Dubai International Airport has plenty of spaces for those with disabilities. If you have any special requirements, it's best to contact the airport on: +971 4 2162016 in advance of your arrival. Wheelchairs and electric carts are on-hand if required.

Dubai Airport DXB

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